Your Employment Related Skills Logbook Online

Logbook Online gives you the opportunity to document all the employment related skills you are learning at school and in the community. You can also collate careers information, reflect on work-related experiences and write your résumé. Keeping your Logbook up to date is a great way to start planning for your future.


Logbook Online is a series of PDF documents and links which help you create an electronic portfolio. You can save documents in folders or use the PDF Portfolio resources below.

Logbook Online PDF Portfolio

You can keep your Logbook files in a PDF portfolio stored on your DER NSW laptop or on a thumb drive. To view the portfolio you need Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended.

To download the portfolio template click here

To learn more about using PDF portfolios go to Tools4U - Adobe Acrobat Pro Extended on the TaLe website.

Here you can access a series of tutorials on how to use Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended. Topics include using PDF documents, PDF Portfolios, tracking and editing functions and interactive forms.

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